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Want to make bakery style bread at home? Take a look at ten of our favourite bread recipes & you’ll be baking like a pro in now time!

ten bread recipes to make at home

We love baking on this blog, so I’ve rounded up ten of our favourite bread recipes to make at home! There’s nothing better than freshly baked bread & these easy to follow recipes make the whole process a whole lot easier. You’ll be making artisan style bread in no time at all!

Here you’ll find recipes for all types of breads. From slow proved focaccia & sourdough, to homemade pitta breads, burger buns & even doughnuts. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro!

If you’re after even more bread recipes, head on over to our bread recipe archive!

Happy baking!

1. Overnight Focaccia

This is one of the most popular recipes on the blog for a reason! An overnight prove in the fridge, paired with a high level of hydration makes a focaccia with a soft & fluffy, open crumb and a perfectly crisp crust.

Once you’ve made this, I’d recommend using it to make the best BLT sandwiches!

overnight focaccia

2. Tangzhong Burger Buns

To make the perfect burger, you need a great burger bun! These are made with a tangzhong & enriched with butter, milk & egg which gives them an incredibly soft & fluffy texture. These will also stay fresh for longer than your average bun, thanks to the tangzhong.

If you fancy making something a bit different with these buns, take a look at our chicken kiev sandwich recipe.

tangzhong burger bun

3. Step By Step Sourdough

Sourdough might seem complicated & difficult to make but it doesn’t have to be! In this in depth guide, you’ll find my step by step process to making, shaping & baking your own loaves of sourdough bread. Plus there’s a handy guide to making & maintaining your own sourdough starter.

Once you’ve got this recipe nailed, you should definitely take a look at some of our other sourdough recipes. This includes cinnamon rolls & brown butter porridge sourdough!

sourdough loaves

4. Pizza Oven Pittas

If you’ve got a pizza oven at home, this is the recipe for you! These pitta breads are surprisingly quick & easy to make and go incredibly well with a homemade hummus. These take less than a minute to cook in a pizza oven & you get to watch them puff up like a balloon. So satisfying!

pizza oven pittas

5. Tear & Share Cheesy Garlic Bread

Possibly the best garlic bread ever! Here, soft & fluffy dough balls are stuffed with mozzarella, brushed with homemade garlic butter & topped with grated parmesan. If you’re a fan of garlic bread and cheese, this is the bread for you!

tear and share cheesy garlic bread

6. Overnight Tangzhong Doughnuts

Fancy making a batch of doughnuts that rival Krispy Kreme? These are proved overnight for the best possible flavour before being deep fried & finished with a brown butter glaze. Soft, fluffy & sweet, these doughnuts are a real winner!

overnight tangzhong doughnuts

7. Potato Burger Buns

Not your average bread roll! These are made with mashed potato & crispy potato skin which gives them a light, fluffy texture & deep, well rounded flavour. Perfect for burgers or even a fillet of beer battered fish!

potato burger bun

8. Everything Bagels – New York Style

New York style bagels are super easy to make at home! These have that authentic crisp & shiny crust & chewy interior. We’re also making a homemade “everything bagel” seasoning for maximum flavour. Time to level up your lunchtime!

everything new york bagels

9. Hot Dog Buns

Soft, fluffy & buttery, these homemade hot dog buns are surprisingly simple to make. Great for serving hot dogs in or you could toast them & use for a lobster roll or fill them with spicy prawns! Super easy to make & incredibly versatile…

hot dog bun

10. English Muffins

Finally, we have English muffins. These are pan fried before baking which gives them that deep, brown colour on each side. Quick & easy to make, these are best used for homemade sausage & egg muffins or eggs benedict. This recipe makes four muffins but can easily be scaled up to make more…

english muffins

For even more bread recipes, take a look at the baking section of the blog! Or to turn your homemade breads into sandwiches, head over to our collection of lunch recipes…

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