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Hi, my name’s Ben & welcome to my blog Salt. Butter. Smoke.

I am a professional chef turned food blogger, recipe developer & content creator. I make easy to follow recipes that are developed in my home kitchen, on a farm in the UK.

On this blog, we’ll be learning to cook like a pro & I’ll show you how to bring restaurant quality food to your home kitchen!

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Learn To Make A Sourdough Starter From Scratch!

Arguably the most important ingredient in sourdough bread, it is what allows sourdough to rise without the use of commercial yeast. It is also what gives sourdough its’ distinct sour flavour.

A sourdough starter is a living thing & needs to be fed regularly in order to be strong enough to be used for baking. Here’s how to make one from scratch!

sourdough starter

What’s For Dinner?

Take your main meal of the day to another level! Here you’ll find a collection of quick & easy dinners to serve throughout the week.

Lunch Ideas

Lunch doesn’t have to be boring! Take a look at our collection of delicious lunch recipes! We’ve got classic sandwiches, refreshing salads, sharing dip plates, scotch eggs & more…

Homemade Ice Creams!

The best homemade ice creams! Here you’ll find scoops of a wide variety of flavours, from classic vanilla, to stracciatella & ripples.