Aga Cooking

I live on a farm, which means that I am fortunate enough to have the use of an AGA cooker. In fact I use it to cook most of my recipes!
All of the recipes on this blog (unless cooked outside) include cooking instructions for convection & fan assisted ovens, as well as instructions for cooking on an AGA. This includes which oven to use & shelf/runner position.

Cooking on an AGA is a bit different to using a convection or fan oven & can take some getting used to.
The main difference being is that you can’t set the oven temperature in an AGA, in fact, it’s always turned on! This means that we need to use the various shelves in each oven, to find the correct temperature or “heat zone”.

The baking oven, for example will be around 170°c near the bottom & close to 190°c nearer the top. So if we wanted to cook something at 180°c, we’d place it on the middle set of runners.
The roasting oven, on the other hand, ranges from 200°c near the bottom to almost 240°c towards the top.

I’ve found that a laser thermometer gun is an essential piece of equipment for finding the perfect oven/shelf positioning for recipes that don’t include Aga instructions. Fortunately, all of the recipes on this blog have been tested in an Aga & include which oven & shelf position to use. Head over to the “Notes” section of each recipe card to find them!

Sometimes a recipe might call for a cold plain shelf which is used to deflect heat & lower the oven temperature. I don’t tend to use this but if I do, it will always be specified in the recipe.

AGA Oven Temperatures.

The Roasting Oven: 200°c – 240°c

Used to roast meat & veg. Works great for bread too, especially sourdough!

The Baking Oven: 170°c – 190°c

Ideal for baking cakes, biscuits & cookies.

The Simmering Oven: 100°c – 120°c

Great for slow cooking meat. I use it for my overnight gravy!

Some Of My Favourite AGA Recipes.

My dog Otis, sat in front of our Aga!