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Using toasted milk powder is a great way to add a caramelised, nutty flavour to a range of baked goods. Here’s five of our favourite!

five ways to use toasted milk powder

If you’re a fan of brown butter, you’ll love toasted milk powder.

This golden powder packs a serious kick of flavour! Basically a dried, concentrated version of brown butter, toasted milk powder is made by cooking powdered milk in a pan until it is golden brown & toasty. This can then be used to add a caramelised, nutty flavour to a wide range of baked goods, from chocolate chip cookies, to brownies & cakes.

So without further ado, here’s five of our favourite ways to use toasted milk powder…

If you’d like to learn how to make toasted milk powder, check out our “how to make toasted milk powder” guide! We also have in depth guides to making other baking ingredients like brown butter & espresso powder.

oreo & espresso brown butter brownies
Oreo & Espresso Brown Butter Brownies
These Oreo & espresso brown butter brownies are nutty, fudgy & have a super crinkly top! Jam packed full of Oreo chunks & intense espresso.
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Adding toasted milk powder to a batch of brownies adds a subtle nutty flavour that complements the chocolate perfectly!

nutty brown butter flapjacks
Nutty Brown Butter Flapjacks
Chewy & sweet these nutty brown butter flapjacks are a real winner! They're super easy to make & packed full of nuts, raisins & pumpkin seeds.
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Using toasted milk powder alongside brown butter, takes the nuttiness of these flapjacks to another level!

Miso Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies
All the flavours of banana bread, crammed into a batch of miso chocolate chip cookies.
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One of the most popular ways to use toasted milk powder is in chocolate chip cookies. This is a quick & easy way to add a whole load of flavour.

brown butter smore cookies
Brown Butter S’more Cookies
Made with brown butter & toasted milk powder, these crisp & nutty cookies are packed full of that classic s’more flavour!
Stuffing each cookie with a whole marshmallow & a load of chocolate makes these hard to beat.
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Another style of cookie! This time, we're stuffing chocolate chip cookies with whole marshmallows, to make s'mores!

sticky toffee pudding toasted milk custard
Toasted Milk & Vanilla Custard
This custard is insanely good! Packed full of Madagascan vanilla & made with toasted milk powder for a subtle nutty flavour. Creamy & smooth, this goes great with sticky toffee pudding or a fruit crumble.
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Another way to use toasted milk powder, is to infuse a classic vanilla custard with it! Rich, caramelised & nutty, this sauce works great with sponges, crumbles, tarts or on its' own.

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