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If you’re in the market for a new kitchen knife, we’ve got you covered! Time to meet eleven makers selling some of the finest knives around

eleven knife makers selling next level kitchenware

Whether you’re a professional chef or an avid home cook, a sharp kitchen knife is a must! Owning one (or two!) of these will make your mise en place SO much easier, everyday slicing & chopping will be a breeze & you’re less likely to cut yourself. It’s a win, win…

If you’re ready to invest in a quality kitchen knife & you’re after something with impressive performance, going handmade is definitely the way to go! Although these types of knives aren’t the cheapest, compared to your everyday kitchen knife, they’re definitely a worthwhile investment. Maintained & looked after correctly, these pieces of functional art will last several lifetimes! They look pretty damn cool as well…

In this article, we’re focusing on eleven UK & Ireland based knife makers, who are making some next level stuff! Check them out below…

Cuttlebrook Knives


Andy Millington is the maker behind Cuttlebrook Knives & is based in Birmingham. Specialising in kitchen knives, Andy’s work is popular among Michelin starred chefs & avid home cooks alike. For good reason too, they’re seriously cool!

Make sure to follow Andy on Instagram @cuttlebrookknives, where you’ll find his knives available on a first come first served basis or send him a message to order a unique, custom made knife!

cuttlebrook knives

Willow Forge Custom Knives


Based in Cambridgeshire, Neil Ayling is easily one of the best knife makers in the UK! Everyone of Neil’s high end knives are hand made to the finest detail, from the stunning forged blades to the impressive handles. You’ll struggle to find a nicer knife than one from Willow Forge Custom Knives…

If you’d like to buy one of Neil’s knives before Christmas, there will be four available over on his Instagram (@willowforgecustomknives) on Monday 4th December at 8pm GMT on a first come first serve basis. This includes the 270mm Sakimaru Sujihiki in 200 layer Damascus, pictured below!

willow forge custom knives

Joel Black Knives


Joel Black makes some of the finest kitchen knives around! I own three of them, they’re that good!

Joel works with the highest quality materials & forges all of his steel in house, from wrought iron clad Apex Ultra to carbon steel Damascus. These are impressive knives that boast incredible performance from a blacksmith that definitely knows their stuff!

If you’d like to buy one of Joel’s knives, you’ll find them on his website (joelblackknives.com) when they become available. You’ll need to be quick though!

joel black knives

Dunn Bladeworks


Sam Dunn is the maker behind Dunn Bladeworks. Based in Glengarriff, Ireland, Sam makes impressive, high end kitchen knives. From classic chef & paring knives to nakiris & k-tips. These are some seriously high performing knives with stunning handles which are often made from stabilised wood, micarta & synthetics.

If you’d like to buy a knife from Sam, keep an eye out on his Instagram (@dunn_bladeworks) & his website (dunnbladeworks.com)!

dunn bladeworks

Cabin Knives


Run by former chef Alfie, Cabin Knives is based in London & produce some incredibly unique kitchenware. We’re talking knives with handles made from recycled chef trousers & jeans. Recently he even made a handmade spoon & fork in stainless Damascus!

I personally own a custom made meat cleaver (pictured below) from Cabin Knives, so I can vouch for the quality of Alfie’s work! If you’d like to buy your own knife, there’s a Christmas knife drop going live on the 4th December over on cabinknives.co.uk

cabin knives

Simon Maillet


Based in Sheffield, Simon Maillet is a French knife maker who specialises in high quality kitchen knives. Every one of Simon’s knives are made to his own, original design & are all forged individually, using locally sourced carbon steel & wood. There are some serious cutting tools!

If you’d like to buy a knife from Simon, his Christmas sale is on the 6th December over on simonmaillet.com

simon maillet

Teddy’s Knives


Based in Godalming, Chris Wright runs Teddy’s Knives , which he named after his son. Chris not only makes stunning, hand crafted kitchen knives but he also runs one & two days knife making experiences & has just launched his own homemade knife handle wax.

If you’d like to buy a kitchen knife from Chris, you can find his available work & handle wax on his website (teddysknives.co.uk). All on the info on his popular experience days, is also available there, if you’d like to to attend one & make your own knife!

teddy's knives

Blok Knives


Blok Knives are some of the most popular handmade knives in the UK & for good reason! I personally own several. In fact, my first handmade knife was one from Blok!

Starting in owner Ben’s home cellar, Blok Knives now work from their Derbyshire based workshop & produce some simply stunning kitchen knives, in a variety of shapes & sizes.

If you’d like to buy a Blok knife, there’s a sale every Friday at 1pm over on blok-knives.co.uk but be quick, they don’t hang around! Here, you’ll also find a selection of stunning handmade barbecues & grills…

blok knives

DiesInEveryFilm Customs


Based in Scarborough & run by Onur Caglar, DiesInEveryFilm Customs make some seriously cool knives! Onur is happy to take on custom orders for handmade knives & tools, no matter how crazy. Take a look at his YouTube channel for some examples!

If you’re after an impressive new kitchen knife, there’s several available to buy over on diesineveryfilm.com. Or if you’d like to order a custom made knife, all the info is there as well…

diesineveryfilm customs

Clement Knives


Clement Knives is run by bladesmith Tim, who transforms metal & plastic waste into stunning hand-forged kitchen knives. From classic chef, bread & paring knives to forged dough scrapers. These are some high performing pieces of kitchenware at an affordable price. They’re also good for the environment!

If you’d like to buy one of Tim’s knives, keep an eye out for when they become available over on his Instagram (@clementknives) & his website (clementknives.com).

clement knives

Made By Merris


Run by knife maker Jake, West Midlands based Made By Merris are producing some stunning looking blades! These include gyutos, nakiris & paring knives. Jake started making knives last year & is already creating some seriously impressive kitchen knives. He’s got several knives available to purchase & is currently taking on custom orders!

Check out his Instagram page (@madebymerris) for more details!

made by merris

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