the best pizza dough

Poolish Pizza Dough

This 3 day poolish pizza dough makes the best crusts! Chewy & crisp, this dough has incredible oven spring & a well developed flavour.

What You'll Need

For this pizza dough recipe, you'll only need 5 ingredients! These are 00 flour, sea salt, dried active yeast, water & olive oil...

What Is A Poolish?

A poolish is a liquid pre ferment that is used in place of yeast in bread & pizza doughs. To make this, we combine equal parts flour & water with a tiny amount of dried active yeast then leave to ferment either at room temperature, in the fridge or a combination of both.

The Secret To Great  Oven Spring

The secret to getting the best oven spring comes down to a high level of hydration, good gluten formation, optimal fermentation & a high cooking temperature. This is easier than it sounds though & basically just means that we need to ferment & cook the dough at the correct temperatures & to make sure that we knead it for long enough.

The Best Way To Cook Pizza

Pizzas are best cooked at a very high temperature, somewhere in the region of 400°c – 450°c (750°f/840°f). The only way that we can achieve these temperatures is by using a pizza oven, fuelled either by gas or wood. The cooking time will be pretty much the same either way.