How To Make Smoked Pulled Pork

A Full step by step guide

The ultimate guide to cooking smoked pulled pork at home! Cooked low & slow in a barbecue, this pork is incredibly tender & juicy.

How to trim

Learn how to trim a pork butt the proper way, for the best flavour & fat render!

How to make your own bbq rub

Want to make your own bbq rub that works great with pork. We've got you covered!

how to use an offset smoker

We cooked our pulled pork on an offset smoker for an authentic flavour!

How to smoke properly

Follow our top tips for smoking pork shoulder properly! Including when to wrap, how to spritz & internal temperature guides....

How to serve

Looking for ways to serve your homemade pulled pork? How about this next level sandwich! There's a cherry cola bbq sauce & an apple slaw served with our pork in a homemade bun.