6 Easy To Follow Chicken Recipes

Honey Sesame Fried Tenders

Super crispy honey sesame fried chicken tenders! These are brined in buttermilk, deep fried then glazed with honey, sesame, sriracha & lime.

Fried Chicken Katsu Sandwich

A next level fried chicken katsu sandwich! Crispy fried chicken, tonkatsu sauce, crunchy slaw & Kewpie mayo, served in a homemade bun.

Crispy Sriracha & Peanut Wings

The crispiest oven baked chicken wings, coated in a sriracha & honey glaze then topped with salted peanuts. These are insanely good!

Crispy Chicken Katsu Curry

Our crispy chicken katsu curry is the ultimate midweek meal! Serve the fried chicken & curry sauce with fried rice & you’re onto a winner.

Garlic Chicken Kiev Sandwich

A crispy, homemade confit garlic chicken kiev, served in a bun with mayo, shredded gem, American cheese & pickles.

The Best Aga Roast Chicken

If you're cooking on an Aga, you need to make this roast chicken! Stuffed with garlic, lemon & herbs, the skin is crispy & the meat perfectly cooked.