The BEST Spag Bol Recipe

This rich Bolognese is slow cooked in the oven & served with al dente spaghetti. A simple but impressive midweek meal!

What Is Spag Bol?

Bolognese consists of beef mince, pancetta, tomatoes, fresh veg, red wine & herbs. This classic, rich Italian sauce is cooked gently over several hours, to give it a deep, complex flavour. To serve, Bolognese is tossed in spaghetti which has been cooked al dente.

Why Slow Cook?

Slow cooking Bolognese in the oven isn’t just easier & less hands-on (it only needs stirring every 45 minutes whilst it’s in the oven!) but it also gives the sauce a deeper, more complex flavour. Meaty, rich & tender, this one’s a real winner. Perfect for a get-ahead midweek meal!

What You'll Need

To make our slow cooked spaghetti bolognese, you'll need beef mince, pancetta, beef stock, red wine, a tin of tomatoes, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, milk, diced veggies & fresh herbs!