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The BEST Shepherd's Pie!


Shepherd's Pie

We’re taking a classic Shepherd’s Pie to another level with a cheesy, garlic infused mash. Rich & flavourful with a super crispy topping!

The Filling

The filling of a Shepherd’s pie consists of lamb mince that has been cooked with diced veg, garlic, fresh herbs, red wine & stock. The result is a rich, meaty filling that’s full of tender lamb & a flavourful gravy.

Cheesy Garlic Mash

For the best shepherd’s pie, the mash topping should be rich, creamy, full of flavour & super crispy once baked. There’s a couple of tricks that we’re using in this recipe, to make the best mash! This includes roasting the potatoes instead of boiling, adding in butter, garlic infused cream, egg yolks & a whole load of cheese…